Vegan Directory

Submission Guidelines

Before submitting your listing, please review the guidelines below:

  1. is a directory of businesses owned by ethical vegans, that sell products or services directly to the public.
    We do not include restaurants (HappyCow has you covered there), affiliate sites, or multi-level marketing sites.
  1. All listings are manually reviewed, and subject to approval. Your listing will only be viewable after it is published.
  1. Submit your listing using the “Add category” form for your business category (in “Add Listing” drop-down menu). You can select more than one sub-category. If you category does not exist, or you are not sure what category to submit in, please contact me.
  1. The first image in your listing submission will be used at the top of your listing. Please submit a landscape image.
  1. This directory uses Google maps. Most categories require a physical address. If you do not want to include your actual address, you still need to include a city or town. In the “Address” field you can use one of the following instead of your street address: in, near, _, or something similar. If you are not using your exact address please move the pin to a central location in your town/city.
  1. The user account created when you submit your listing is only for the initial submission, and will be deactivated. Any changes, after the initial submission, have to be emailed or submitted via our contact page. I might offer the option to manage your own listing down the road, but that is not available right now.

If you have any questions please contact me.

Until every animal is free,

Susan Banks


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